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CPT Certification Classes

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Chris Boykins



Glory Fitness Training Studio
5110 Ashbrook Drive Suite C
Houston, TX 77081
  • Implement relationship building and networking
  • Meet with clients one-on-one for personal training up to 5-7 days a week
  • Introduce and educate clients on fitness amenities and usage of equipment
  • Continual empowerment by inspiring and motivating clients to pursue and achieve total wellness of health and fitness
  • Community involvement, seminars and CPT certification (such as Glory Fitness 20 hours Personal Training Certification)

  • Tuition $300 (money order or cashier check only)
  • Tuition includes course materials, registration fee, certificate, CPR and AED card
  • Course is scheduled for:
Every Sunday from 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Choose your Proper Fitness Goal: 

Work out with a personal trainer seven days a week for as LOW as $10 per day

  • Improving daily activities and general health
  • Performance enhancement
  • Fat loss and/or muscle gain

We will focus on the fundamental abilities of balance, coordination, flexibility and strength which are impaired through the typical sedentary life we lead today.
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