My Body is Under Construction

"Chris Boykins is hands down the best trainer. I attend the daily bootcamp, and I was extremely nervous as most of the clients at bootcamp were already in shape and I was not; but Chris has designed his bootcamp for ALL levels of fitness from the triathlete to those who have never worked out. I was NEVER bored when I worked out with Chris. Every day was different as you can expect to do any one of the following exercises: Strength Exercises, Jogging/Walking, Plyometrics, Sport Drills, Calisthenics, Yoga/Pilates, Core Training... and the list goes on!  From my workouts at bootcamp, I decided to hire Chris to train my son who is an athlete in high school. I am proud to announce my son was promoted to the starting quarterback on the JV team of a 5A school in Houston.  This was a great accomplishment as my son is only a freshman.  Not only was Chris my son's trainer, but he became my son's mentor.  Chris was present at my son's games and supported him on and off the field.  Chris' loyalty and strong character quickly earned not only my respect but the respect of my son.  Thank you Chris!"

-Tracy Washington

"After seeing the results and success that my sister-in-law was experiencing from attending Chris' bootcamp, I decided to attend.  After a few weeks of bootcamp, I decided to step it up and work with Chris one-on-one through personal training.  I am blown away with my results!  Chris, you are truly the best trainer!  Thank you for the personal attention to motivate me on the days when I didn't want to move.  Thank you for your guidance and nutrition plan.  Thank you for caring about my health and fitness even when I didn't. I love to tell my story to co-workers, family and friends, as I feel energized throughout the day and my confidence has skyrocketed!"

-Paula Washington

"Chris Boykin’s bootcamp is an excellent workout. I love the way he rotates the drills, keeps my heart rate high and gives me a great all over work out. I can definitely tell a difference in my body. It is also so great to get my exercise for the day done before I have to wake up the kids for school. It is an awesome way to start the day!

-Raina Newsome

"Weight training and exercise has been an important part of my life for years.  I play league tennis and live an active outdoor life fishing, surfing, diving, biking and walking.  At 68 years young, staying in balanced physical shape is even more important than ever.  Chris Boykins has been instrumental in this effort.  He is motivating during our sessions and always professional.  He has personalized my training for my goals and modified them when needed due to injuries.  It is obvious that his education, experience and dedication lead to great results for his clients.  Thank you Chris!  You are a great trainer and a great person who has earned my trust through your hard work and care for others."

-Linda Craddock

"Chris Boykins has supervised my physical fitness training for the past thirteen years.  Additionally, he has also trained my son, Cameron for several months to prepare him for the U.S. Secret Service.  Chris is professional and extremely disciplined. He has a clear desire to build a reputation as a top flight fitness trainer.  He is mature and clearly values his family and work responsibilities.  Chris' character to be successful is passed down to his clients, so they too can achieve the same skills and strength."  

-Shirley Phillips

"I have been working out with personal trainers for 23 years.  Of those years, I have been working out with Chris Boykins for 9 years and he clearly ranks among the best.  He has a great combination of enthusiasm, knowledge and support.  In 2006, Chris helped me prepare for my first Triathlon which was a new challenge for me.  I would not have been able to undertake that challenge without Chris' guidance and support.  What truly sets Chris apart from other trainers is his continuing education and sincere interest in evolving in the world of health and fitness.  He is able to take that knowledge and apply it to each individual’s needs.  He successfully works with a range of clients from top athletes to anyone trying to stay or get healthy.  Chris is also a humanitarian, always trying to reach out and help our troubled youth.  His work in and out of the gym is impressive!"   

-Marianne Quoyeser

"Chris Boykins is one of the finest and most progressive trainers that I have worked with and the personal attention and interest that he has invested in my success is unprecedented.  My success under his direction is a direct reflection of his professional, personal and spiritual dynamics.  Chris is not only a superior personal trainer, but an exceptional human being displaying a kind, generous, caring and strong character which provides a great role model for those lives that he touches.  His dedication to the youth in our community and continuing professionalism is admirable, and the support that you receive from your peers, clients and the professional community is evidence of that."

-Diana Kopelman